Cookie cutters are for baking, not interior design. We appreciate the uniqueness of you and that’s why we love helping you personalize your home through custom orders. There really is nothing more wonderful that walking into a home that reflects the owners’ personality and uniqueness.
We could tell you story after story of our clients who fall in love with the style of a piece, but the color just isn’t perfect for their home. These are the moments where we really want to step up and be there for our friends. We’ll help you select finishes, fabrics and colors. Texas Trio custom orders ensure you get the piece you’ve been dreaming about ever since you spied it on Pinterest!
We won’t let you settle. And we don’t want you to stress -- our team is here to do everything we can to help you get that perfectly unique piece of furniture that is true to you!
Custom doesn’t stop at just our furniture; we’ll help you customize your bedding too. Because honestly, what’s a new bed without some perfectly coordinated bedding? Everyone needs a beautiful good night’s sleep.
At Texas Trio, we don’t mix and match like other stores, or tell you, “Most people like…” That’s not who we are. We are people who love great design, beautiful furniture and value your personal style. We want you to absolutely love every piece you purchase from us.
Don’t be afraid to ask if a piece can be customized! We love making sure that everything you take home is stylish, fun, and one-of-a-kind. Come see us – you’re always welcome.